Albert Falzon





Another film "The Road to Timbuktu" followed a path
from Casablanca across the searing Sahara Desert to Timbuktu
on the African Ivory Coast.

Falzon's twelve part series
"Festivals of the World"
has sold to over eighty countries.
He has also directed two long version music videos
for Chris Blackwell founder of Island records
and was DOP on "Women of Spirit" a one hour television program filmed
in India, NY and London.
He has written a series of children's programs
and has completed a screenplay for a feature film,
tentatively titled The Dreamtime.

He recently filmed two surfing programs
and co-produced a one hour program on Nicholas Roerich
a russian artist who painted extroardinarly beautiful spiritual painting of
The Himalayas at the beginning of last century.

He is presently working on three books.
Essence a pictorial on flowers and exotic images from his world travels.
Surf Art a portfolio on the work of ten world renowned surf photographers
and, Journey to The Wesak Valley ,
a diary of his travels to the sacred Wesak Valley,
near Mt.Kailas in Western Tibet.

GLOBUS-The Meaning of Light
is a recently completed co-film venture with Jeff Hornbaker.